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Gibby Jaymar | Ban Appeal | 7-1-22

Your name: Gibby Jaymar
Your Steamid?: Dont Know
Banning staff members name?: Willy Jarvis
Reason for the ban?: Prop Blocking the road
Were you told to appeal?: Yes by Willy Jarvis
Why should we unban you?: I made a grave mistake last time I played by prop blocking the street. I took the time to reflect on my actions and see how I was in the wrong and I'm pleading my case today to have a 2nd chance PLEASE Im still in tears for my ban this is my fav Jerrys mod server. I'm on my knees begging for forgiveness. Thanks Gibberford the 3rd.

Hello @Gibby Jaymar The Management Team here at DarkRedux has decided to ACCEPT your appeal.

All we ask is that you please head over to the rules on the Forums and give them a In-Depth look over.

Director Of Development,

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