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DarkRP Server Rules 6-17-22

Section 1 - Community Standards
  • English is mandatory on all DarkRedux Servers
  • Doing anything to harm the property of DarkRedux is strictly prohibited
  • While on DarkRedux respect everyone, and treat everyone equally without discrimination
  • Hacking and or scripting on all DarkRedux servers is strictly prohibited 
  • All Staff complaints are to be handled on the official DarkRedux Forums or Discord Via Forum post or Support Ticket.
  • Arguing with staff is prohibited, put a complaint on the forums if you do not agree.
  • Ban evading on any DarkRedux Server will result in all accounts being PERMANENTLY Banned.
Section 2 – DarkRP General Standards
  • Abusing spawn protection to avoid Role-play situations is strictly prohibited
  • Scamming is not allowed. You need to give the player what he/she paid for
  • Do not kill people for being annoying without a clear warning. You only have to give one /advert warning, but you must give them 10 seconds to comply
  • Staff On Duty are OOC, and they should not be messed with
  • Printers are not to be placed in unreachable areas
  • Disconnecting, suiciding, changing jobs, etc. to get out of role-play situations is strictly prohibited
  • Arguing in OOC chat is prohibited
  • Playing any form of media over your mic, unless your job allows it is prohibited
  • Misclicking is not a valid excuse for RDM
Section 3 – DarkRP Roleplay Standards
  • RDM (Random Death Match) is strictly prohibited
  • NLR (New Life Rule) you are not to engage in any Roleplay situation you last died in
  • Meta Gaming (using outside sources in rp) is strictly prohibited
  • Fail Roleplay (Not roleplaying your job) is strictly prohibited
  • Value your life in a life-or-death situation, if you have enough time to pull out a weapon, you may
  • Countering is allowed if 1. They are the same team as you i.e. Mafia, Cartel, Cripz, Bloodz or 2. They are in the same !gang as you
Section 4 – DarkRP Building Standards
  • “Crouch base entrances” are not allowed
  • Shooting through one-ways is prohibited
  • You can block doors to a room/base, if you can still access that room/base
  • You can not build in the fountain area, as it is meant for care packages
  • Prop blocking is prohibited
  • Building on the streets and or above the streets is prohibited
  • Building signs are allowed, but you must not have anything that is illegal, and or bitcoin miners
  • Tolls of any kind are not allowed
  • KOS signs are allowed, but they only apply to the inside your base
  • Every part of your base must be easily visible
  • No section of the map is to be blocked off without prior permission from the highest-ranked staff member online.
  • A maximum of five fading doors are allowed
  • Sky bases are not permitted
  • Blocking off other’s cameras is not allowed
  • Only the Bank Manager may build within the bank
  • Your base must have a straightforward entrance
Section 5 – DarkRP Illegal Activity Standards
  • Mugging, Kidnapping, and or raiding the same person within ten minutes is prohibited
  • Adverting is required for all illegal activities
  • Maximum mug amount is $5000
  • Minimum ten seconds for someone to comply with the advert
  • Overthrowing the government is prohibited
  • Hitman are to /advert " Hit Accepted, Hit Complete, and or Hit Failed"
Section 6 – DarkRP Police Standards
  • Police are not allowed to be corrupt
  • RDA (Random Arrest) is prohibited
  • Fail CP (Civil protection) is prohibited
  • Randomly unarresting is considered fail CP
  • Police are only allowed to arrest the mayor if they’re breaking the law
  • You are not permitted to make someone wanted for the reason(s) “ RDM,  Prop Killing etc.” or kill people breaking rules
  • Police are not allowed to build in PD, however, Secrete Service and Mayor are allowed
  • Combat arresting is prohibited
Section 7 – DarkRP Mayor Standards
  • Mayors are allowed to be corrupt
  • Mayors are not allowed to base outside of the PD
  • Laws like "No jaywalking, No disrespect PD, or anything related is prohibited
Section 8 – DarkRP Hobo Standards
  • Hobos are not permitted to own or live in a house
  • Hobos are not allowed to be in raiding parties and or raid
Section 9 – DarkRP Gun Dealer Standards
  • Self-supplying is allowed
  • Gun dealers are not allowed to be in raiding parties and or raid
  • Gun dealers can be hired by criminal gangs
Section 10 – DarkRP Cartel Standards
  • Members are to listen to the cartel boss
  • Cartel can raid
  • The boss can /advert war against the Mafia
Section 11 – DarkRP Mafia Standards
  • Mafioso are to listen to the godfather
  • Mafia can raid
  • The Godfather can /advert war against the Cartel
Section 12 – DarkRP Speedster Standards
  • The Reverse Flash, and Zoom are only allowed to steal speed from each other, and the Flash
  • No “speedsters” can raid
  • Speedsters are not allowed to use weapons
Section 13 – DarkRP Terrorist Standards
  • Adverting terror is required
  • There is a ten-minute cooldown
  • Basing as a Terrorist is prohibited
  Section 14 – DarkRP Airdrop Standards
  • Airdrop zone is not considered KOS until crate lands
  • Once crate is taken KOS is gone
  • Speedsters cannot participate in the Airdrop
  • Cops may NOT arrest players participating in the Airdrop
  • NLR is not active for players participating in the Airdrop
Section 14 – DarkRP Kidnapping Standards
  • Kidnapping the same person within 10 minutes is prohibited
  • You may only hold someone captive for a maximum of 20 minutes
  • Only the kidnapper, thieves, cartel, and mafia may kidnap
Section 15 – DarkRP Raiding Standards
  • Using the spawn menu, toolgun or physgun in any manner during a raid is prohibited
  • You must /advert "raid" outside of the base/building you plan to raid
  • The maximum amount of raiders for a normal base is 4 while a mega base is 8
  • Using explosives are not to be shot on the outside of bases, i.e. shooting an RPG on the walls or underside of a base is prohibited.
Section 16 - DarkRP Megabase Standards
  • You may block access of any tunnel as long as you have 1 entrance into your megabase
  • Your entrance must be through a city tunnel
  • Megabasing solo is prohibited
  • Cooldown for raiding a megabase is 15 minutes if successful while 5 minutes if failed 

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